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FastTrack Counselling Services

Our Fast Track Service offers counselling to people who are able to pay for their counselling sessions.  It provides an opportunity for individuals to access counsellors who are managed and supervised within a trusted organisation.  It also gives an opportunity to give something back to the organisation and helps us make counselling more accessible to people who can’t afford to pay.

There is no waiting list for the Fast Track service as this is a paid for service delivered by the Fast Track counselling team.  We aim to allocate you to a counsellor within 2 weeks of taking your referral.

The Fast Track Counselling Team:

All our Fast Track counsellors are fully qualified and adhere to the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) ethical framework.  While all our counsellors maintain the same key ethics, they have trained in different modalities of counselling.  At Bradford Counselling Services most of our counsellors have been trained in Person Centred or Integrative counselling.

The team also have a whole wealth of experience and additional training, including: trauma informed counselling; working with depression and anxiety; relationship issues; identity issues; domestic abuse; children and young people’s mental health; bereavement and loss; suicide and self-injury, and living with long-term disabilities.   Our counsellors represent the diverse communities of Bradford and can deliver counselling in various languages.

We are in the process of revising our Fast Track fees and new rates will be introduced at the beginning of September.

The current charge for Fast Track counselling is £42 per session paid weekly in advance.  We offer a discount for bulk payments – 6 sessions paid for will incur a 5% discount – 12 sessions paid for will incur a 10% discount.  Any sessions not attended will be refunded (eg: if your counselling is complete after 10 sessions and you’ve paid for 12 we will refund 2 sessions).

If you want to access Fast Track counselling, you can complete our online form below:


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Alternatively you can contact us directly. 


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